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Jehovah is a made up name, y’know it’s not even the name of God. Actually, the Old Testament Workbook goes more on into it. Daniel Kikawa: Ok, if you look up the name of Joel, ok, theres no J in Hebrew. Daniel Kikawa: Yeah it’s Y, so its Io, and yo is Io, or yo, or slave is God, Yahweh, short for Yahweh.

It’s like man saying to God, ok, you got no vowels in your name. If you go to the Old Testament word book, the yo, or the Io sound that’s what an actual name they called, a short name for God and it’s in the Strong’s too. It is ironic that he uses the example of vowels being put in God’s name to make up a name, because that is exactly what HE DID with Io.

And while raising 19 kids can be a challenge, it comes with an abundance of rewards.

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The other is that they knew God, the Hebrew God who is called by Io.

We interviewed Kikawa for over an hour and a half the first time at the home of my co-partner in ministry, David Alan.

As the Duggar children grow up--even while more little ones are born--Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar face more than baby diapers and organizational chore charts.

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No matter how Kikawa wants to apply the pronunciation to another language they are not the same.

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