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For a primetime soap devotee like Savage, the idea of a show centered on male friendship instantly struck a chord.

"The serial drama is traditionally a female drama, but the relationships that Josh was most interested in were Seth and Ryan as these brothers and Sandy, Seth, and Ryan as a father and his sons," Savage told MTV News. The idea of a nighttime soap opera that's driven through these male relationships.

By episode 5, she's filing for divorce from Jimmy after it's revealed that the Coopers are broke.

Then, in this order, she starts dating real estate tycoon Caleb (Seth's grandfather -- ew) because she's broke, begins an affair with Luke (her daughter's teenage ex-boyfriend) because she's unhappy, and finally, marries Caleb because she's again broke and needs someone to pay for daughter Kaitlin's pony's alopecia treatments.

"Seth Cohen was a bit of a controversial character in the early conception of the show because there was a question of, 'Does this character belong in this genre? "And Josh was really passionate about how that character was going to make the show unique and speak to a different audience." "He was probably a little more Jewish in the earlier drafts," Schwartz admitted. It was like, OK, I can feel my way through this show if there’s this guy commenting on it -- and then [every one of the characters] started commenting on it.

“But [we] certainly didn’t want to make it contingent upon their [participation].

"We were burning through story so fast," Schwartz said, "that made it really fun for audiences who were watching, but that made it challenging for us when we had to come back in following seasons.

But that first season, I think that was part of the fun of the ride.

It not only featured one of the show's most melodramatic moments -- who recall exactly where they were and how they felt on the night Barton's Marissa OD'd on painkillers in Tijuana?

-- the episode also established what worked: the chemistry.

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