Jordin sparks dating steph jones

The model and fitness enthusiast was not only raised in a Christian family, but he is also dedicated to the religion together with his wife.According to him, they are also trying to raise their son in the same faith.After he was through with his education, he decided not to pursue basketball as a career.Instead, he took to fitness training and modeling among other things.

The famous Christian rapper, Lecrae wrote the foreword of the devotional, At the time, Dana was an aspiring model who was looking to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

Their marriage has thus far, been blessed with a son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. See Also: Corinne Olympios – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents And Modeling Career1.

Previous relationships: Not so much is known about Dana Isaiah before meeting his wife and so his previous relationships are unknown. Her most popular relationship was with Jason Derulo whom she had a relationship with for three years, from 2011 to 2014.

She also dated Steph Jones from 2008 to 2010 and then Sage the Gemini in 2015.3.

Net Worth: According to some sources, the net worth of Dana Isaiah is estimated at around 0,000 which he made from his modeling career.

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Although the singer was a few years older than the model, they started dating.

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