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Whether Jenny put her t-shirt on this way intentionally or not, it’s clear that her life is no longer about overthinking things.Under the solo moniker jennylee, Lindberg has recently taken far bolder steps towards turning her entire life inside-out.True to form, we meet at a coffee shop, but immediately go with the flow, abandoning the Silverlake watering hole and driving to a nearby doggy park where Lindberg can smoke and let her puppy, Ludo, roam at large.I also notice that her t-shirt is on inside-out (I make the decision not to tell her).It’s a phrase she peppers conversations with naturally. “I had no rules, I didn’t put any limitations on myself, I just went in there and said, ‘Whatever comes out comes out.’” As she puts it, she didn’t want to “perfect it for seven months, water it down and lose the plot”.“If this album has a concept it’s, ‘Do whatever, don’t get heady, don’t overanalyse, and if you get stuck? ’” Sounds like the opposite experience of how Warpaint music gets done.We were covered in hay, which is the itchiest stuff, and dirt from the sheep pen, and were just trying to get it off.

#nowplaying: ‘Disco//Very’ BPIXQe Hu We’ve been waiting for this day! I promise you won’t be bummed :) Congrats honey bees!

For those unfamiliar, Warpaint remain a fully functioning band, but one that always takes its sweet time before a new chapter gets off the ground. But like many other bands prone to elongated periods of downtime, the four need to scratch their own itches whenever they’re not on the road together.

Stella Mozgawa (drums) is currently performing live with the likes of Kurt Vile and Jamie xx, Theresa Wayman (vocals, guitar) has formed another band called BOSS with members of NZCA Lines and All We Are, while Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar) has taken to remixing Sister Crayon and working with folksy artist Paul Bergmann.

And when it looked like there were people in the room when Cecille was bitching about Niels in San Diego.

Niels: If anything, what you see on screen had been really toned down from how I felt like it was in the house.

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