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If anyone is interested in our jigs just go to our website and enter coupon code: STRIKER and you will save 20% off all Striker Tackle Branded Items. I also want to thank all of THT members for all the support over the past few years. The prices have gone up but so had the quality of the product.We have also created the coupon code STRIKER to save you 20% and this will put the prices of our jigs closer to the old prices we use to sell them for.I was very apprehensive at first, but now that I understand the complete system, I’ll take it over traditional switches every day, and twice on Sundays.The failure rate we see matches what we see out of DTS systems, which can be counted on one hand over the last 15 years.I am looking to stock up on jigs for the upcoming fishing season.Can anyone recommend some jigs that are not over per jig and that produce fish?Here’s some panels we had New Wire Marine put together for us that replaced failed CZone displays. All of the functions from the 24 were installed on two Switch Interfaces (up to 8 functions per interface).

check out Caivo on ebay -- the Pit Boss is one of my favorite jigs for snapper, grouper, grunts, BSB, amberjack -- everything on the bottom they also have some fun octopus & slow pitch style jigs too That may have happened a few years ago when we first got started, but now all of our jigs come rigged with 500Lb Kevlar and double 4X Mustad Assist Hooks.The redundancy they offer over traditional switches is a huge plus if you know how their system works.Even if your whole electrical system goes down, every single electrical function can be bypassed and actived by simply moving a fuse into the bypass slot.Nature gave you quite good night vision if you allow your eyes to adapt fully. Too much electrical junk for longevity, it’s a good thought on paper but when it breaks and it will it’s a POS.Boat manufacturers should offer a choice on what systems you want in a boat. It becomes a love/hate relationship but worth it in the end.

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