Howcast high school dating advice

I think I know what I'm going to post next time.

Welcome to our reviews of the high school dating advice (also known as how to attract a girl towards me).

With all the "You must be 6' tall" screeds, though, I can understand why shorter men lie about their height, just like some women are deceptive about their weight. If I claimed to be 5'8" - essentially average height - there would be no question I was lying as soon as I met a woman.

While it's often tough for a person to tell the difference between a reasonably tall 5'10" and a very tall 6', it is no trouble at all to detect that two inch lie on someone who is obviously less than average height at 5'6". Propagating this crap like the video does just pisses me off. Deal with the possibility that some people won't like it. It just occurred to me that several women in the past few years have been convinced that I was over 6' tall (I'm 5' 10").

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