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There are six girls in the game that you can pick up.

Each of them has her own wants, which her boyfriend should have.

After reaching 50% you'll get hearse keys After reaching 100% you'll a medic uniform She'll invite you home after getting 50% She's at home from 4pm to 6am You won't loose money when you are caught at the beginning.

After reaching 50% you'll get police jeep keys After reaching 100% you'll get a police uniform She'll invite you home after getting 60% She's home from noon to 10pm You'll get a gimp suit at the beginning (the suit from the Key to Her Heart mission) After reaching 35% you'll get key card from the Caligula's casino After reaching 50% you'll get keys from her pink Club.

If you wrote down your percentages after every single objective (as I did) you'll notice the percentage jumps from 0.53% for one objective to 0.54% for the next. What is programmed is that you receive 0.534759358% per objective which is then rounded up or down to two decimal places.As soon as your girlfriend gets the present, you can kiss her, so be prepared to press TAB so that you don't miss the occasion :-) The rating of your date is increased by the present.Denise is the first girl you will meet in the game.Then you can give her a lift home and when you are further into your relationship with her, she can invite you for a coffee.You can choose from several gifts, that can make your girlfriend happy. When you choose the gift, use it like a gun, go up to your girlfriend and press TAB.

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