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I would vote for the Steinway-designed Essex Just to put Bear1's quote from Cordogan's, they are the competitor of the Cristofori dealer in Chicago.

I would vote for the Steinway-designed Essex Ditto what everyone has posted here.

Anyway, why buy a private label Sejung product at a higher price from a high-priced Steinway dealer when you can usually get a George Steck, Falcone, or other Sejung product cheaper.

Chinese-built pianos from Dongbei, or better, Samicks and Story & Clarks and other non-Chinese imports seem to be superior for the same money. Ask the experts like Bear and others who post herein. I have never been pleased with any Sejung product; lowest spectrum of Chinese-built pianos IMHO.

Boston is made by Kawai (Japan), Essex is made by either Young Chang (Korea) or Pearl River (China) and the Cristofori piano is made by Sejung (China), who incidentally also makes many other brands.

Specifically, it's a CRG50 5' Satin Walnut, brand new with 12 year warranty available at Jordan Kitt's for 00.

I understand it was made in China by Sejung and labeled Cristofori for Jordan Kitt stores.

It would be as if Steinway came out with a scathing assessment of the Yamaha piano...

For what its worth, I have played one Cristofori piano to date and it was not bad, for a Chinese piano.

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