Forefront client security updates not updating

run the following commands in powershell: Import-Module -Name C:\Windows\System32\Windows Power Shell\v1.0\Modules\PSWindows Update\PSWindows Update -Verbose Get-WUInstall -Ignore User Input -Not Category "Internet Explorer", "Bing" -Accept All -Ignorerebootyou can also force a reboot if you want but I ignored the reboot and did not update internet explorer.

Play with it, it has many different ways of configuring it and it does it all in the command shell.

Hi, I supposed you applied WSUS -GPO on users Computers FCS product and classification checked on WSUS server , Automatical Approval Rule for FCS component is configured.

client have Xp sp2 at least , windows installer 3.1 , windows update agent 2.0 or later , 100 MB free on c derive .

The notification icon shows that the Microsoft Forefront Client Security needs attention.

Thanks Suliman, We are running WSUS on the same server as MS Forefront Security and is set to sync directly from Microsoft (once a day) The Windows updates also show "Windows is up-to-date" in the Windows update section.

We are currently experiencing some issues with the certificate service on the SAME server. By looking at the logs, does anyone have any ideas what is going on?

(00000000) 2012-10-04 :457 872 6f8 AU AU setting next sqm report timeout to 2012-10-05 Thank you for your time and input.

Forefront use Windows Update to update it's files and definition. If this is the problem you can stop the windows update service To do this, open a command prompt (cmd) with admin rigths and run net stop wuauserv Then you need to rename the folder C:\Windows\Software Distrib Serchlop, Windows updates work fine.

immediately start download update by run in cmd wuauclt.exe/detectnow and check if this process it come in task manager and increasing and you see yellow icon for update , click on it and install the fcs component..

If not , check services " Automatic Updates, BIT intellient Background "are started.

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We have a GPO in place that disables Windows Updates on all clients and redirects it to our WSUS server and we then use SCCM to push out our updates.

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