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You don’t need to look for over-the-top signs like “lip-biting,” hard-to-count ones like “triple head nods,” or mysterious ones like “eye flirting” which is hard to know what that actually means.

Rather, there are some realistic, subtle yet sure signs of attraction women offer to men they’re attracted to: In a previous article, we discussed how early, platonic touch is a communication cornerstone, especially on dates.

He realized that in all his most frustrating situations, he had been waiting for the woman to initiate touch. When you’re with a woman you’re attracted to, escalating touch is a powerful non-verbal communication skill.

This is because you can literally feel her either tense up (meaning, time to back away) or melt to your touch (a good sign). Reading them isn’t easy.” This is true: many times, her body language signals are maddeningly subtle…

That is how a woman feels out her attraction towards you.

She’s asking herself, “How does my body feel around his body?

Before you’re in conversation at all and you’re contemplating approaching a woman who’s caught your eye, it’s best to approach her from an angle (about 10 to 170 degrees of the 360 degrees that is her peripheral, with 0 and 180 being by her sides…

yay for all my engineer/scientist/business guys who appreciate talk of angles!

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It takes practice and a renewed perspective to realize that a woman you’re attracted to may be responding in kind.

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