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Along the way there are spectacular chases and ingenious gore, including a water bed that oozes blood. She's Mike Hammer's private secretary, and she is played by Laurene Landon, the tall blonde who was one of the wrestlers in Robert Aldrich's "All the Marbles." She is absolutely, breathtakingly, beautiful.

It all ends with Hammer storming a booby-trapped hideaway, alone and without a gun, then slithering through a last little fillip of bloody romance. And she has a light comic manner, a way about her, that's really fetching.

Hammer questions the sexual surrogate twins who worked with Jack, before observing Dr Bennett and her sex therapy team at work.

While watching this session, Hammer hears the twins being attacked but is too late to prevent their deaths at the hands of a psychotic killer.

Romero's black ops squad capture Hammer, torture him and cover the badly-beaten Hammer with cheap liquor, intending to push him to his death in traffic.

Hammer turns the tables on his captors, fights his way free and escapes.

He speaks with Jack's widow Myrna, who says that they were attending a sex therapy clinic operated by the glamorous Dr. Hammer visits the clinic and finds a Government Issue bugging device in the doctor's office.

Hammer jumps out of the car before Romero sets off a mine, instantly killing Kalecki.

Hammer kills all of Romero's goons commando-style then climbs over a wall and into the main building to confront Romero.

Hammer visits him on set, where Lundee is shot in the back by a projectile knife fired by an unknown assassin and, in his dying breath, confesses that he laundered the gun to mobster Charlie Kalecki, but Kalecki is reluctant to speak with Hammer about any ties to Romero.

The CIA, wishing to distance itself from Romero's experiments, plants a series of clues in an attempt to lead Mike Hammer to Romero in order to have Hammer eliminate Romero for them.

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