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Morally is it considered unethical to do this in Australia? Do you think it's unadvisable considering that a lot of these people are really sick (but sometimes things can happen unintentionally when your working in the hospital 8 hours a day as you interact with different people or develop relationships from your interactions)?Is it still wrong oknce they are no longer a patient in the hospital? Thanks, Christian_Crusader I’m not sure what’s wrong or right but once, a few years ago, I was in hospital as a patient for a couple days. forbids dating a former patient ''if the physician uses or exploits trust, knowledge, emotions or influence derived from the previous professional relationship.'' And that ethical consideration applies not just to doctors but also to lawyers and to clergy members and to any professional relationship in which one party has more knowledge of, and power over, the other. A friend of mine who is participating in a betting pool for the N. Putting aside the fact that gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions, and assuming that N. Hey guys, I know that a lot of people say that's it's wrong for doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers higher up in the food chain to date their patients (or one of their friends or relatives) outside of work but do you think the same thing would apply for ward clerks/ordelies/ward based cleaners etc.?What is the professional environment like in Australia? I come from the Philippines where things are very different.This guidance helps you to explore and understand the issues of trust in the doctor-patient relationship and looks at factors affecting patients’ vulnerability.

It is the abuse of these situations which are a worry, like a Dr abusing a patient by playing on their "I love my Dr" fantasy. The power imbalance would leave a vulnerable patient open to exploitation. does discuss what to do if a patient with a runny nose or hacking cough proves irresistible: '' At a minimum, a physician's ethical duties include terminating the physician-patient relationship before initiating a dating, romantic or sexual relationship.'' (Note ''dating'' -- so teenage -- and the distinction between romance and sex -- so modern.) This provision governs even limited professional relationships between patients and doctors who see them infrequently, like surgeons or E. Should you find yourself falling under the spell of someone at a dinner party and suddenly recall that you once treated that slender throat or those elegant ears, you may pursue romance but not resume professional relations. Simply terminating the professional relationship just to date the patient isn't necessarily kosher either. People meet in all sorts of places, if you wait for it to be an ideal place you are waiting too long.Mental health/child health workers generally can't go for it at all. My uncle who is a renowned plastic surgeon, got 3 of his clients pregnant. I don't mean that you should breach codes of practice but if you are waiting for it to be romantic or beautiful ... You've got a mop in one hand in a bucket of vomit, a greasy rag in the other, the person you're attracted to has plastic cords running out if their arms and out of certain orifices, but if it feels like the right place to you ... Truth be told there arent that many good looking patients in hospitals.

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