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La succession au sein de la dynastie de banquiers fondée il y a plus de deux cents ans est préparée depuis longtemps. Alexandre de Rothschild devrait reprendre le flambeau autour de l'été.Dès le mois de juin, selon les informations du « Financial Times » publiées mardi. Le passage de témoin devrait intervenir entre la fin du mois de mai (soit après l'assemblée générale annuelle de la société cotée à la Bourse de Paris) et le mois de septembre prochain."A hundred percent of the profits go to Versailles.And we decided right in the beginning that we would do a limited series." The case for the 75 five-bottle sets is designed to evoke an intricate puzzle box.Since 1945, the estate has commissioned a design by a celebrated artist to illustrate the label of the latest vintage ready for shipment; artists are paid in wine.It's no surprise, then, that the Kentridge label isn't the only artistic endeavor for the estate this year: Mouton also recently announced an auction of 75 "Versailles Celebration" cases of five vintages each, to benefit restoration projects at the Palace of Versailles.The company manages investments in The Economist Group, owner of The Economist magazine, Congressional Quarterly and the Economist Intelligence Unit, E. Rothschild LP, a leading independent wealth management firm in the United States, as well as real estate, agricultural and food interests.She publicly supports many politicians including Hillary Clinton.

Chronology c.1450 to the present day Selected milestones in the history of the family and key dates in the history of the development of the Rothschild businesses are detailed here.The Château de Ferrières was lit in red to make it appear as if it was on fire.Scenes from Roman Polanski’s movie about Satan “9th Gate” were filmed there.Au sein de la maison familiale, il a contribué au développement des activités de capital-investissement et de dette privée dont il est aujourd'hui co-responsable.Il est également chargé des activités d'investissements pour compte propre.

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