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Usually, vintage refers to any clothing that is twenty years or older.

Something as small and simple as knowing that any garment with the common registered trademark symbol of the letter ‘R’ in a circle must originate after 1946 can come in incredibly handy in the field when you’re wondering whether a Woolrich hunting jacket is from the 30s or 50s. The section on styles seems necessarily intended as an overview more than a concentrated guide to men’s styles in any particular decade.

Check out this source for a Goodwill Outlet World near you. As modern styles seek inspiration from clothes of the past, a new vintage hunter might be tricked simply from the garment’s style.

Therefore, you must check the item’s little characteristics to truly determine if your find is vintage and from what decade.

‘s great strength is providing plenty of authentic photographic evidence (in color wherever possible) of every label clue and trend cue that it discusses, as well as some helpful charts.

One label that seems conspicuously absent from the entire volume is Brooks Brothers, and regardless of page constraints, it indeed seems odd that the book makes no mention of the longest running and most influential menswear brand in American history with all of its groundbreaking contributions.

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