Dating someone with overindulged kids

They knew they were being tough on their daughter, so they looked for ways to love her.They greeted her more often, talked to her more about life, and occasionally gave her a gift.Every person’s heart contains a “gratefulness button.” Seven-year-old Joshua beams when Mom holds out a plate of cookies and says, “I made your favorite.” Mom found the button.

Overindulgence is simply giving your children more than their character can handle.The solution was to begin with the heart, and emotional connectedness was the window.Donna had already started setting limits in several areas.Other “Problem” Children Taylor, for example, gets too many toys and doesn’t appreciate them. On the other hand, Cara get lots of “Mommy time.” She has become demanding, always needing Mommy to play with her and expecting Mommy to drop everything whenever she calls.Mom may need to set some limits on her instant availability and look for other ways to spark Cara’s gratitude.

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