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The buildings subsequently abandoned included a Soviet-era prison (the mine’s workforce was made up largely of inmates) and today, Rummu quarry is popular with divers, who come to explore the sunken cellblocks.

The shape of Goblin Valley’s rock formations – known as hoodoos – is the result of the varying hardness of the park’s sandstone.

But there’s a definite lunar-like mysteriousness to this Canadian oddity, which looks its weird and wonderful best in summer, when water levels drop and individual pools of briny water form.

Their colours – some are yellow, others are green or blue – are the result of the high concentration of minerals (including calcium and magnesium sulphate) in the surrounding rock.

The monkeys, who stay in the nearby forest, are used to humans observing them and remain unperturbed by people clicking their photographs. Located in the scorchingly hot Danakil Depression, the neon yellow and green waters of the hot springs add color to the otherwise dull landscape.

Formed during a volcanic eruption in 1926, its p H levels are less than one, making the water as toxic as battery acid.

Take the Krysuvík geothermal area, with its boulder-dotted slopes and steaming craters, or the Westfjords, with their barren valleys and black sand beaches.

Let’s take a look at some famous geysers and hot springs around the world.(Pictured) Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia This is Iceland’s most active geyser, erupting every six to 10 minutes.

The geyser shoots up steam and hot water up to 120 feet (37 meters) in the air, and tourist flock the region to witness this striking phenomenon. The vibrant hues of yellow, orange, green and blue give the spring an almost rainbow-like appearance, making it the one of the most photographed thermal spots in the national park.

In the meantime, why not opt for the next best thing – a visit to a lunar landscape on our very own planet?

This beautifully bizarre natural park might look familiar – it’s been a backdrop for There are three main hiking routes, although we recommend the longest one, El Fraile.

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OK, the moon might not have kangaroos, but that’s beside the point – just ask Roger Federer, who commented on the landscape’s lunar-like qualities during a post-Australian Open visit.

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