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Sometimes I wonder the way I look is not that appealing or is there something else I should know/consider?

Most of my experiences are with Middle eastern men who are very straightforward and will make sure you know that they're into you and it's flattering( sometimes too aggressive though lool).

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Long story short, I don't think your race is important. A lot of white men (or rather, very Americanized men) in general are far slower, unwilling to commit and will often test the waters for a month before being willing to make anything official. From what little I know of middle eastern culture, things move way faster than for most Americans. Also, I don't know what's happening on your dating profile that your not getting messages.

I did a lot of research, reading and info gathering on online dating.

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I'm an engineer who is very independent and very Americanized.

I have no family here so I'm only surrounded by friends.

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