Dating really skinny guys

All these features help you look stronger, but you can take it even one step further by opting for a double-breasted jacket, which will add another layer of cloth to your torso. With each layer you add, you gain a little bit of breadth.

Each layer on its own won’t add much, but combined they can make quite a difference. First, you don’t want to just wear a number of thick layers on top of each other. While this will certainly make you look larger, you’ll also end up looking like the Michelin Man.

Lastly, the jacket will open up from your mid-torso to your neck, allowing your shirt and/or tie to peek through.

This will create a contrast that draws the eye away from your slim waist and up to your chest, where you are broadest.

Similarly, t-shirts with large sleeves can make your arms look like spaghetti strings (see left image below). Just by fixing these little issues, you’ll already be making a huge difference. Did you know you can instantly make yourself appear more buff by wearing one specific item?Simply limit your outfit to one color family, and keep the rest neutral.For example, you might wear a light mint green shirt with a darker green sweater, topped with a grey jacket.Or you might wear a light blue shirt with a grey cardigan and a navy jacket.Lots of guys struggle with coordinating their outfit, but the simpler you keep it, the easier it becomes.

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Likewise, you want your clothes to go from light patterns and textures to stronger ones.

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