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and a practical android finds his programming malfunctioning under the gaze of his pet human.Melting Lover explores the shadowy territories of love, but Bukuro Yamada’s sweet art and gentle touch invite readers to stay.We’ve had ice ages, and warmer periods than now, which demonstrates that the Earth’s climate goes through large changes.We know that Iceland was completely ice covered during the ice age.It’s hard to imagine that such vast bodies of ice could melt away entirely, becoming seabound meltwater rivers, revealing the gnarled and naked rock beneath.But that’s exactly what the scientific community tells us is already happening. It wasn’t the first Icelandic glacier to pass away.

“So the outlet will retreat to higher elevations, closer to the accumulation area.A bond of love is a beautiful thing, but what happens when outside pressures force it into forms both strange and strained?A lovesick young man encounters a mysterious shapeshifter with the ability to take on the appearance of his beloved…But this entire valley will be ice-free, in the end.”Serious consequences Iceland’s glaciers have always gone through the annual cycle of winter accumulation—when snowfall adds new ice to the glacier—and summer ablation, when the rate of melt exceeds the production of new ice.The sum of the accumulation and the ablation is known as the glacier’s mass balance, which fluctuates naturally from year-to-year and over decades and longer periods.“The history of Iceland shows alternating cool and warm periods,” says Tómas. But anthropogenic, man-made global warming is now of such a magnitude that it’s pulling our climate outside of the natural variations.

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