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Abel said the idea came to him because he wanted to organize an event for Scare LA, a popular horror convention.He thought a speed dating event would be perfect because it would introduce single attendees to dates who share a common interest in things that go bump in the night.Abel had never thrown a speed dating event before the horror convention in 2015, but he was excited by the chance to bring people together in such a unique way.He’d gone to a speed dating event himself and saw how efficient and empowering it was for singles. “I felt more confident asking girls out.” Abel’s positive experience convinced him that he could offer daters an even more engaging time by adding a murder mystery element to speed dating.He gets everyone signed in and introduces the game element to the event — which kicks off with a dramatically staged murder.Serial killers are hiding among the attendees, Abel explains, and the daters’ job is to root them out and vote for who they think the “killer” is.

Plus, the two daters with the most votes win The Golden Rat trophy (a plastic dollar-store rat spray painted gold) for being the Most Likely to Be a Serial Killer Without Actually Being a Serial Killer.Dating has a lot of built-in drama, but it can get stale for date veterans who’ve gone through those emotional highs and lows many times.Fortunately, to spice things up, actor and writer Abel Horwitz has devised an ingenious event that combines elements of a murder mystery theater with speed dating. Based in Los Angeles, these events have delighted local singles since 2015.At a party, Abel explained his idea with the creator of the convention, who also happened to be a close friend.She said he needed some sort of pull, something to tie the event back to horror.

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