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Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, William F. This is especially true for companies with a high level of awareness about business email compromises, and those individuals who are caught off guard by a scammer willing to capitalize on their trust and compassion.

Sweeney Jr., the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), and Jonathan D. This fraud alone involved the alleged theft of more than million, proving there’s often a way around the general safeguards put in place by businesses and individuals alike.

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The Enterprise conducted the romance scams by using electronic messages sent via email, text messaging, or online dating websites that deluded the victims, many of whom were vulnerable men and women over the age of 60 who lived alone, into believing the victims were in romantic relationships, when in fact the correspondents were members of the Enterprise using fake identities.

Once members of the Enterprise had gained the trust of the victims using the fake identity, they used false pretenses, such as a shipment of gold or receiving a portion of an investment, to cause the victims to wire money to bank accounts the victims believed were controlled by their romantic interests, when in fact the bank accounts were controlled by members of the Enterprise.

At times, the members of the Enterprise also used false pretenses to cause the victims to receive funds into the victims’ bank accounts, which, unbeknownst to the victims, were fraud proceeds, and to transfer those funds to accounts under the control of members of the Enterprise.

The members of the Enterprise, posing as the romantic interests of the victims, also introduced the victims to other individuals purporting to be, for example, consultants or lawyers, who then used false pretenses to cause the victims to wire money to bank accounts controlled by members of the Enterprise.

Some of these bank accounts were opened using fake names, stolen identities, or shell companies in order to avoid detection and hide the true identities of the members of the Enterprise controlling those accounts.MASOUD pled guilty on January 18, 2019, to one count of receiving stolen property. The objective of the Enterprise’s business email compromise fraud scheme was to trick and deceive businesses into wiring funds into accounts controlled by the Enterprise. These defendants now await sentencing for their crimes.” FBI Assistant Director William F. said: “There’s often a misconception that financial schemes, such as those detailed in this case, are easy to spot.Four other defendants – TOUREY AHMED RUFAI, a/k/a “Joe Thompson,” a/k/a “Joe Terry,” a/k/a “Rufai A Tourey,” a/k/a “Ahmed Rufai Tourey,” PRINCE NANA AGGREY, ABDUL RASHID MASOUD, and MUBARAK BATURI, a/k/a “Eben Karsah,” were arrested in 2018 and also pled guilty earlier this year. This desire for money drove them to prey upon the vulnerable in our society.RUFAI, AGGREY, and BATURI pled guilty on January 9, January 28, and February 8, 2019, respectively, to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Thanks to the financial expertise and diligence of IRS-CI special agents, who worked side-by-side with our law enforcement partners to uncover these schemes, these criminals are off the street and will now face the consequences of their actions.” According to allegations in the Complaints and the Indictment filed in the case: Between 20, ADAMU, RUFAI, AGGREY, MASOUD, and BATURI were members of a criminal enterprise (the “Enterprise”) based in Ghana that committed a series of business email compromises and romance scams against individuals and businesses located across the United States, including in the Southern District of New York.

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