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Tell her she has a great sense of style or comment on her awesome smile instead.

If she’s someone you know a little bit about, it’s hard to go wrong with telling her she’s really good at something she’s into or that you admire the way she is with people, kids, or animals. Let’s say that you find yourself actually engaged in a conversation with a woman you find interesting.

Take her arm or lightly touch the small of her back if you’re crossing the street or moving from one area of a restaurant to another.

Let your legs or knees touch lightly if you’re sitting next to each other on a bench or at a table. This probably isn’t the first time in your life someone’s told you to be confident and with good reason.

Don’t force things by holding eye contact too long and don’t stare, as you’ll make her uncomfortable.

Make sure you smile, wait your turn to respond to things she says, and give her the chance to flirt back a little bit.

Being fair is one of the best life rules and definitely it applies to flirting as well.

Some really do just want to be left alone while others are just more selective about who they’d like attention .No matter if you flirt online or in real life, don’t waste your efforts on women that seem bored or uninterested (because they probably are).Closed body language like crossed legs or shoulders that face away from you are clear signs that she’s really not into you as well.The first order of business is to simply accept that fact and understand that it’s really nothing personal.The second is to learn how to tell who’ll appreciate your attention and who won’t.

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