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She gets dump, meets a playboy and rejects him only to find out his best friend will be dating said lady.

One group scene but it's a three some relationship but one is more greedy with her then the other.

Anna Nash had always wanted the conventional; the marriage, the kids, the white picket fence.

When her boyfriend leaves her with dashed dreams and an empty space in her heart, she finds herself at a loss.

Short Story with bonus stories and a Spanish translation.

She meets an arrogant knucklehead at an event she's waitressing at but can't forget him.

Our relationship with Nick leads us to meet and eventually buy [dating app] Double, who appeared on Dragon’s Den the previous series and got investment from Nick.” In a final, and perhaps ironic, twist of fate, the unnamed investor would also go on to pull out of the deal in favour of simply remaining a customer.

However, by this time, M14 Industries’ funding round of ~£100,000 had filled out nicely and Kershaw says it closed in early December.

Everyone is keen to get the deal completed fast.” The following day, the BBC passed the M14 Industries founder’s details onto Jenkins and Jones’ lawyers, and Kershaw doesn’t hear from the production crew again until months later when they call to fact check before broadcast.“This presented something of a problem for us,” explains Kershaw, since it would require the Dragons to up their offer or take less equity. Nick knows his way around tech investments, and is happy for us.But, he says, it’s unlikely that Peter will be prepared to complete on a deal that’s so far removed from the deal we agreed in the Den.I enjoyed this book, it also included as a bonus - various short stories.It is one of the few books that I have read about a paranormal ménage (main story) that has drama, suspense, intrigue and some excellent erotic love scenes in, the bonus stories are also very enjoyable with drama, suspense, intrigue and some erotic love scenes in although there there is one clean romance included.

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