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[For more detailed accounts of these particular countries please access them through the home page of this site: In addition to this story on gay Manila, updates will be posted very soon for Zimbabwe, Nepal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, India, Latvia, Guam, Croatia and Fiji.] Philippine LGBT Organizations Organizing and managing the complex ILGA conference was no small task.Pulling together the necessary resources demanded close coordination and cooperation of nearly all Philippine LGBT groups and organizations.“ Like other oppressed and exploited people, we struggle for social equality.We define the struggle for gay liberation as a part of the struggle of the Filipino people for national freedom, and at the same time, this has a distinct concern for the concrete demands of Filipino gay men.From their web site ( are these words: “ In September 1993, Pro-Gay Philippines was born when several progressive gay student activists gathered as a study group that tried to develop a concept of gay Filipinos’ roles in the movement for national and social liberation.Pro-Gay-Philippines believes that gay liberation involves not just gay men but also all other people of different sexual orientations.

(1) parlor or ‘pa-girls’, the ones associated with a beauty parlor.Just as we reached our destination park it started to rain so we all piled into jeepney taxi buses and headed off to our appointed restaurant for a banquet, laughter and music.Pro Gay Organization Major support for the conference also came from the Pro-Gay Philippines organization.One of the more unique organizations is a LGBT ministry, the Order of St. It’s first major undertaking was also it’s first major success; the ILGA conference was well organized, comprehensive and inclusive.A complete summary of the conference can be found on the ILGA website.

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