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The festival was created by Radio-Television-Film professor Ellen Spiro to feature short documentary and experimental films made by UT students.

Here's the tricky part: the films must be under 10 minutes long and made for under .

Additionally many of the original songs found their way onto various other official Beach Boys releases.

But then eight years ago the released today, which features a reconstructed version of the album pieced together from those original '66/'67 studio recordings, is definitely one to have for any true Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fan.

But, hey, you never know what you're going to find when you walk into Amoeba!

got shelved due, as most report, to Wilson's deteriorating mental state and the album never saw the light of day.

Telepathe – The self-conscious hipster affectations of this Brooklyn based electro-pop duo practically dictate that I should hate them on sight.

I can’t say I necessarily understand the genre much better, probably because it’s so ill-defined and constantly shifting.The perspective being that their record is, for me, almost the equivalent of a very good read of high fantasy, or at least as good as any old anthologized, oft-told yarn.From the very beginning of the first song "Lost Daughter," a slow-burning build from Bedouin streaked bass, oud and sandy rattlesnake-like percussion to an almost heavy, beat-driven rock crescendo, the listener is put in a place of choosing between following the ever present, layered harmonies of the lyrical narrative or being swept away by the twists, turns and overall richness of the sound.Dance music has never been so quirky, wacky, jacky -- far out deep inside.Purchase Moon Oddity here: Mike Huckaby Dylan Neal, a student of the University of Texas Semester in LA Program, made a short documentary about Amoeba Hollywood as a submission for the 10 Under 10 Film Festival in Texas.

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