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I had been so far removed from society at that point that I doubt I was able to hold a conversation.She must have found it endearing because I ended up with her number that night.

But some people experience symptoms earlier — right about when they are starting to date.“When I first got sick, I felt like I think every person does who gets manic or severely depressed — utterly alone,” says Jamison, whose new biography about the poet Robert Lowell, who also had the illness, is out now from Knopf.Apparently, I was agitated enough to where I was spitting on the nurses. I ask her if me having bipolar disorder and dating today would change anything.This was very uncharacteristic of me as I always try to treat service workers with the up most respect. But, what does all this have to do with dating and having a bipolar disorder relationship in today’s day and age? Here we go, I had gotten her number the night I got at the concert. However, she said no and eventually started doing her own research on bipolar disorder and relationships and how to make them work.Only you can tell if that person is actively seeking help or not. Each situation is unique, and every person is special. It is not fully understood by doctors and is less so by the general population. Ask your date if they are enjoying their time with you.

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For my people with the illness, having bipolar disorder and dating today can create self-loathing and despair. I was not medicated and strung out on heroin and crack.

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