Dating amputee singles

Dating is a numbers game, so why wouldn’t you want to have the most dating profiles to browse through and choose from as humanly possible?

It’s always good to have a support network around you and you never know, you might even learn something. Disabled dating websites specifically created to help people like you and me find love are a great way to start if you don’t feel ready to join the big pond of “” dating sites.There is a good chance that they are assuming you are thinking just that anyway… Just because various parts of the body doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that other’s don’t.The heart still works, as do the loins, and you shouldn’t disregard a person that is asking you out on a date just because they happen to be disabled.There is nothing wrong with asking these questions.They are a disabled person and they have probably heard these questions a thousand times before. In fact, it might even be weird if you didn’t ask the questions…

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That’s a sentence I bet you never thought you’d read, right?

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