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This typical design genre being a direct result of the family oriented nature of the Potteries based ceramics businesses of the period, producing highly distinctive looks across the spectrum of largely family owned potteries.

Myott collecting has only recently reached the level it so rightly deserves, with the Internet playing an important role in educating collectors and dealers alike in recognising the variety and importance these wonderful works from the past have to offer.

As understanding and information increase, a comprehensive and accurate price guide can be catalogued which will give collectors and dealers alike the bigger picture of Myott. Limited, a typical family run business based in the Staffordshire Potteries, England, operated in one form or another for 93 years.

Established in 1898, the factory traded to 1902 at the Alexander Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolfe Street (sometimes referred to as the Wolfe Street Pottery).

It is often heard from dealers (describing such shapes as the Torpedo vase) phrases in the line of "It wasn't that long ago I was picking these pieces up for twenty pounds! The inflated prices and decreasing availability of Deco wares such as Clarice Cliff are a probable agent.

It seems, however, that some of the rarer Myott patterns, of a more conventional or conservative design, have not been merited with proportional value compared to the more common patterns.

If you have any further information relating to Myott, however trivial or far removed you may feel it is, then please contact the Club.The early nineteen forties saw a collaboration with the Austrian company of Goldscheider in the production of ceramic figures and face masks up until 1950 (though these pieces are not as sought after as examples produced abroad).Empire ware jugs are also rumoured to have been decorated by Myott although this is unsubstantiated (though the paint style is typical of Myott), and a range of white, Deco inspired 'minimal' table ware was produced for the Cunard shipping line.Particularly noted for production of Art Deco vases, jugs and wall pockets, pieces in brighter colours are highly sought after.Orange and brown were the dominant colours used for decoration.

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