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If you were not selected to serve on any jury during the voir dire process, you can go home, and your New Hampshire jury duty obligations are complete.

You will receive nominal New Hampshire jury duty pay for the jury selection day, as well as for any days served on a jury.

Amount: less than 1 ounce (first offense) • Penalty: 3 years’ incarceration • Fines: ,000 • Classification: 3.

Amount: 1 ounces to 5 pounds (first offense) • Penalty: 7 years’ incarceration • Fines: 0,000 • Classification: 4.

The Juror Selection Process, or "Voir Dire" Just because you qualify to be a juror and are summoned for jury selection, doesn't mean that you will be selected to be a juror on a case.

The process of "Voir Dire", the actual act of jury selection, is how judges, defense attorneys, and prosecutors actually choose the individuals who will sit on the juries for upcoming criminal and civil cases.

A summoned juror who neglects to attend without good cause may be found in contempt of court and charged with misdemeanor.

Employers in New Hampshire are also forbidden from penalizing employees who miss work for jury duty.

Jurors reporting for jury duty or jury selection in the state of New Hampshire are expected to dress professionally, in a manner appropriate for a court room.

Individuals convicted of the possession or sale of Marijuana may be subject to the loss of a drivers’ license for a period ranging from 3 months to 5 years.

The following penalties are associated with Marijuana within the state of New Hampshire. Amount: Any • Penalty: 1 years’ incarceration • Fines: ,000 • Classification: Misdemeanor Cultivation and/or Intent to Distribute Marijuana Supplementary Charges include Possession, Sale, and Sale to a minor with regard to Drug Paraphernalia; Marijuana charges may be subject to increase to the proximity to a school zone – sale to a minor may also incur additional fines and incarceration 2.

New Hampshire Jury Duty Summons Frequency: Jurors who have attended court will be taken off the master jury list for at least 3 years.

While there are a number of ways to be legally excused from jury duty in New Hampshire, failing to appear when summoned for jury selection or jury duty without an excuse is illegal, and can result in legal repercussions.

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