Dating a squier telecaster

Leo Fender's simple and modular design was geared to mass production and made servicing broken guitars easier.Guitars were not constructed individually, as in traditional luthiery.

By the summer of 1951 the guitar was officially renamed as the Telecaster and has been known as such ever since.Rather, components were produced quickly and inexpensively in quantity and assembled into a guitar on an assembly line.The bodies were bandsawn and routed from slabs, rather than hand-carved individually, as with other guitars made at the time, such as Gibsons.There are no official production numbers, but experts estimate that fewer than 500 Nocasters were produced.Fender has since registered Nocaster as a trademark to denote its modern replicas of this famous rarity.

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Ash and maple were used to construct the body and neck respectively and the guitar came in one color entitled, blond.

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