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Relationships with dogs can take time to establish, but choosing a partner that dislikes your dog from the beginning is nothing but a bad idea.Dating someone who loves your dog is also important because this will allow their true colors to shine through.If your partner seems uncomfortable, or expresses that they are not interested in getting to know your dog, this is where the relationship should end. Your relationship with your dog is the most important, and was established before this person came into your life.Attempting to force a friendship between the two may cause more harm than good, and could result in your dog having trust issues with humans you introduce into his life.Online Dating: If you are using online dating, or dating apps, be sure to include that you either love dogs, or have a dog of your own in the profile.If you wish, you can use a photo of yourself with your dog, or simply a photo of your dog as one of your feature pictures.The best course of action this person could take would be to leave her boyfriend, and find happiness elsewhere.

As well, like I mentioned previously, dating someone who dislikes your dog says a lot about their character and parent potential.

Though these relationships may seem like “black holes,” they are preventable, avoidable, and escapable.

If you have a dog, and you are meeting a potential suitor or are in the early stages of a relationship, you should introduce the two to each other.

.” As a dog parent myself, I wondered how anyone could knowingly enter a relationship with someone who dislikes their pet, let alone ask for advice on how to fix the situation once the issues arose.

Every voice in my head screamed, “don’t date someone who doesn’t love your dog!

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