Dating a detective police officer

Now that laws are changing I can do my job differently but believe me nothing robs potential like drugs and in a way when potential is lost to addiction there are lots of victims.

How do you feel about the statistic that cops have killed over 1000 citizens so far this year?

I decided to have some fun with him, so pretending to be offended I asked him in a loud clear voice "what makes you think your dumb enough to be a cop?

" He snapped to attention and yelled "I just completed 4 years in the Marine Corps Sir! The truth is I have not seen much of this in my career but I'm really fortunate to work in an agency with fewer than average issues.

Black Lives Matter almost feels like people who missed the civil rights era and are looking for their moment in the spot light. But in my day I had as many or more arrests than the other guys.

Racism clearly exist and it has a long disgraceful history in many professions including law enforcement. DWI was my pet peeve and accounted for many of my arrest.

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I see her around town with her parents and it always makes me smile.No policy changes or special training but I'd like to think we are being more alert.The problem I know I have and that I see in many of my coworkers is that we relax too soon. And most other times you know your going into something bad or bad things happen but they happen slowly.Then he asked my partner and I if he could ask us a question.I said sure, and the driver asked what he could do to become a police officer.

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