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Easily Combine Multiple Workbooks Into One With Only Several Clicks The Combine Workbooks utility of Kutools for Excel helps you quickly combine certain workbooks into one. Besides, with this feature, you can combine multiple worksheets or same name worksheets across workbooks into one, or consolidate values across workbooks into one sheet based on your needs. If there are just a couple of workbooks need to be combined, you can use the Move or Copy command to manually move or copy worksheets from the original workbook to the master workbook. Open the workbooks which you will merge into a master workbook. Select the worksheets in the original workbook that you will move or copy to the master workbook. After selecting the needed worksheets, right click the sheet tab, and then click Move or Copy from the context menu. Then the Move or Copy dialog pops up, in the To book drop-down, select the master workbook you will move or copy worksheets into. The difference report clearly shows you, which groups there are and enables you to make fast and accurate decisions.One click and the entire group are updated or merged at once.And how to combine only the specified worksheets of multiple workbooks into one workbook?

It is alright if the selection is larger than just your data, as empty cells will not be merged. After adding the Excel files, click the Finish button and choose a folder to save the master workbook. Then a dialog pops to remind you that all combined workbooks should be saved and the feature can't be applied to protected workbooks, please click the OK button. In the Combine Worksheets wizard, select Combine multiple worksheets from workbooks into one workbook option, and then click the Next button. In the Combine Worksheets - Step 2 of 3 dialog box, click the Add File or Folder to add the Excel files you will merge into one.No matter how many tables or databases you will need to update, merge two excel files or consolidate, Synkronizer 11 can handle every kind. With the new edition of the Synkronizer, works will not only be done fully automatic but also within seconds.Millions of cells or tens of different tables to be compared at once? Now, you can easily merge two excel spreadsheets into one.

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Data from multiple spreadsheets can be merged into a single spreadsheet by using the "Consolidate" function.

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