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Right after that Rice attended an International Politics course taught by Josef Korbel and then she discovered her interest in the Soviet Union and international relations.

Rice was raised in segregated Birmingham during the civil rights movement.

Bush's presidential election campaign, Rice took a one-year leave of absence from Stanford University to serve as his foreign policy advisor.

The group of advisors she led called itself The Vulcans in honor of the monumental Vulcan statuewhich sits on a hill overlooking her hometown of Birmingham Alabama.

She skipped first and seventh grades, entered college at 15, holds three degrees including a doctorate in political science, and earned her Master's in just one year's study.

She was a professor of Political Science at Stanford from 1981-99, and from 1993-99 she was also Stanford's provost, responsible for overseeing the school's budget and academic programs.

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In Rice joined the Ban Bossy campaign as a spokesperson advocating leadership roles for girls.

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