Combined tala updating with imsi attach

Also, maybe you are looking for Periodic Tracking Area Update, don't you huh?When TAU procedure is taking place SGW can be changed or not, but what really bring Tracking Area Update procedure to live is what we should ask about.According to the spec I've mentioned above a standalone tracking area update occurs when a GPRS-attached or E UTRAN-attached UE experiences any of the following conditions: For all cases except case "periodic TA update timer" UE shall set the EPS update type IE to "TA updating", but for "TA update timer" case the UE shall set the EPS update type IE to "periodic updating".For trigger marked with "*" the UE shall include a UE radio capability information update needed IE in the TRACKING AREA UPDATE REQUEST message.

Before we begin, let’s check what is a Tracking Area in LTE network.

A UE starts the Tracking Area Update procedure in following events: The following example shows Tracking Area Update procedure when UE changes the MME but maintains the Serving Gateway.

Also, we assume that the UE starts in RRC Idle mode.

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