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Have you ever had that ecstatic feeling of happiness when you have someone you love beside you?Have you felt those butterflies in your stomach fluttering whenever the person you love is around?These ladies spend time to look good and indeed, they are gorgeous-- thus, you better expect men to turn their heads when you go on a date with them. Dress up and look good for your girl because these Colombianas love men who know how to dress themselves up; you better prepare your best clothes since every Colombian woman loves a decent-looking man.

Having knowledge about this will put you in a favorable position with your Colombian date.

Blurting out fowl words is also very inappropriate for them; you have to very careful with the words you speak.

Women in Colombia are easy-going and you will not find it hard to approach them as you only have to gain courage and self-confidence; however, avoid acting like some gringo who’s just in Colombia to pick up women.

When you meet them, you may also have to be careful with your words because Colombia has sensitive people.

Try avoiding topics that are somehow stereotyping Colombians or flee from uttering prejudiced opinions against them.

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You lose touch with reality, seeing only the positive.

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