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Does the poem provide us with an accurate if idealized view of early Germanic Culture?Or is it rather a creature of nostalgia and imagination, born of the desire of a later age to create for itself a glorious past? The author did not sign and date the manuscript, and no records were kept of when the poem was written.Given the lack of information pointing to the origins of the poem, scholars must deduce the text's history by the artifact that exists. Colin Chase summarises the reasons for this quest in the prologue of the collection , debated for almost a century, is a small question with large consequences.What is most striking about the manuscript is the digression from the 20-line grid of the rest of the codex starting from folio 163 until the end of the poem.Kiernan speculates that the second scribe had completed his last two gatherings of pages before the first scribe, thus requiring him to fit more per folio than he had started with.Instead, he is looking for the gaps in the text that indicate to him that it had been constantly rewritten to suit the culture of that time.In effect, there may have been so many authors spanned the six centuries that the authorship remains in question; the rewriting of he suggests that a single author had combined two folk stories with some historical events as a backdrop and some Christian doctrine to create a new form of heroic epic, or as Tolkien suggests, an "heroic-elegaic" poem.

With fitt XXIIII missing on the manuscript, a later scribe had chosen to correct this by altering fitts XXIIII through XXVIIII.

Själva manuskriptet saknar titel, men har uppkallats efter huvudfiguren Beowulf sedan tidigt 1800-tal.

En alternativ etymologi är att namnet Beowulf skulle vara en variant av fornengelska Beaduwulf (urnordiska *Baduwulfaz), med betydelsen Stridsvarg och som överlever i det nordiska namnet Bodulf.

Möjligen kan detta namn i sin tur kopplas till den fornnordiska sagohjälten Bodvar Bjarke som anses vara litterärt besläktad med Beowulf.

Namnet "Bodvar" skulle ursprungligen ha kunnat uttalas "Bodvarg" och således vara synonymt med "Bodulf".

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Kiernan concludes that this is a result of two scribes trying to integrate two previously unrelated texts together.

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