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But life goes on and and I so miss female company so I hope that won't be held against me .

A combination of bipolar I, II, and cyclothymia similarly produced rates of 42 percent and 11 percent (identical and fraternal twins, respectively), with a relatively lower ratio for bipolar II that likely reflects heterogeneity.

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Reese (1980) describes this among traditional Navajo groups.

Some studies have shown that genetic differences have predisposed males toward more aggressive behavior-- (hormones like testosterone and androgens in the male and progesterone and estrogen in the female).

But outside of aggression, other biologically derived differences have not been conclusively discovered.

But even in these countries, men have more power, independence, social respect, and wealth.

The Israeli kibbutzim are supposed to be examples of gender equality, but (: The division of labor based upon sex has survived because it is beneficent and efficient for society.

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