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It’s a small sacrifice to make on your part, but if you can straighten problems out, she’ll know she can count on you for anything, through good times and bad.

But if you’re in the middle of something important — like preparing for your business meeting or attending your friend’s wedding, let her know that you care and you’ll get back to her once you’re free. There’s a reason why fine dining restaurants or places with a nice atmosphere can charge a ridiculous price for their food. You’re paying for servers who know how to treat customers right. Choose places with dimmed lights, that are nicely decorated, and packed with people.

It’ll give you a great first impression, but more importantly, it will boost her security that you can take care of her. Be confident, but relaxed— spread your arms out, stick out your chest, look at us straight in the eye (not at our breasts please! But whatever you do, try not to show any signs of intimidation in our presence.

Plus, you don’t want to sour a perfect evening by having her pull out her wallet and thinking you’re a cheap date. Because believe it or not, us girls have this 9th sense that detects for weaksauce.

It’s just simply unengaging, dry, and boring as fuck.

And it makes it look like you have nothing else better to say.

After all, it’s more enjoyable to talk to someone who’s more enthusiastic, right?

:)If she’s struggling with a problem and needs someone to talk to, don’t just brush it aside/ignore it and carry on with your day.

If she’s worth your time, do what you can to support her.It might not sound like much, but for her, she’ll see it as a very thoughtful note.We like manly guys, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid using smileys or emoticons to express how you feel.You might think smileys are only used by girls or wusses, but actually they make the girl feel more connected to you because she’ll naturally see that you’re always happy.And that will make her more excited to talk to you.

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