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He's just in the middle of divorcing Mom, and he thinks that if she shows the judge this bullshit form and tells the court that Mom said it was okay if I did phone sex, suddenly he'll look like Mister Good Parent and he'll get a better settlement. If he wants to get all Machiavellian with Mom, I can play that fucking game too.I figure they'll send me to the school guidance counselor before they bounce me, and I can let some shit slip about Daddy that'll fuck him over good." That was the worst part about Tia, Melissa thought.One look into her stern green eyes behind glasses that only magnified their intensity, one glance at the auburn hair pulled back into a bun so tight you could deflect bullets with it and the conservative dress that really only a teacher, a librarian or a nun could get away with, and even the casual observer knew that to Melissa Lane, profanity was something that happened to other people. Shakespeare, Milton, Donne--" The pretty Hispanic girl shrugged as she dumped her bag next to her desk."I don't give a fuck about Shakespeare, and nobody else in this room does either." The other students feigned studied nonchalance.

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They were quite content to watch this sudden and spectacular bit of in-class entertainment (which they would be repeating and embellishing over the next few days to anyone who would listen), but all of them knew better than to get involved.

Melissa Lane held her class in an iron grip, despite having barely a decade on some of her oldest students.

Hear their moans of ecstasy and see them squirm underneath or on top of another woman. If you have a girlfriend or a wife that you want to give a little extra something, you’re more than welcome to take notes and learn.

These ladies don’t mind showing you secret tricks because they know women’s bodies like the back of their hands.

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" "Exactly, except two year-olds don't say 'fuck' so much," Melissa said.

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