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If completely unfiltered access to the Internet and every imaginable topic and activity, phishing scams, privacy issues, and bad apps scares the crap out of you…

parental control i OS mobile and tablet apps can help manage those concerns on iphone and ipad.

When it comes to i Phone and i Pad, Apple has done a great job of including parental controls. Should you get a separate app that offers even more control?

If you think you need some more powerful controls for your child’s i Phone and i Pad, you’re in luck. You’ll have to spend some money to get an app that will provide even more control than what is already available on i OS devices.

The latest i OS provides built-in security from the moment you turn on the device.

The hardware, firmware, and operating system have built-in features designed to help your device and everything you put on it, stay safe.

Make sure you keep track of the password and avoid easy-to-crack codes like 1234.

Also, set the phone to lock automatically after a few minutes, so if it’s left unattended for a while, it’s still safe.

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If You Tube is a concern, you can restrict the use of it in i OS5 or later.

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