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Already there was found to bo nvall-abl- o ey on ovory plac for portraiture thecolossal bron70 li) mouoy in your bust of William Ctillcu Ilryant modeled pocket, it wo cau by Latint Thompson about fifteen y years ago. Last winter's prices spelled with on r tho oysters nro were higher, In splto of tho mild healthful food. This bcmi-cycl- o will bo built of tbo mohtcndurlngmar-ble- , the wall being eighteen Inches thick, with a pediment sheltering tho bust A pedestal eight feet high will support the bu M, and the pediment Itself will bo sustained by two Ionlo columns. building otbm nw worx can be no outitl'in about MEMORIAL TO HRi'ANT. Part of thofor uso by A SURE und CERTAIN CURE are dolnr you, rrad.r, ea do tb. now bolng erected will bo fit II l"e ten faying builo. After tho naming of tho rectangular stations Charing Cross, Cannon street ..--- . Ouo of our leading wholesalo dealers Jta Saf whiter than pollshod ivory. It Is now In tho Metrodo this we aro entitled to politan museum of art, and is placed in coufidonco a group of portrait memorials from your tho sculptor's studio embracing works und patronage. In May, June, July weather, than I ever know them to be, nnd August they aro undisturbed In their watery beds; but from tbu first day of September to tho last day of April tho oyster constitutes both a staplo and a delicacy In this vicinity for tho tables of tbo rich nnd tho poor. infatuated with bicycling, and baa offered a medal to bo competed for by We aro adding new goods to all department every day. Tinware, lint, Shirt, Underwear, Ladies' and Gent's Fur Hardware, nishing Good, Notions, Stationer)' ami all Departments will bo com-plct- o The young emperor of China has as keen a relish for tho pleasures of tbo and wo aro ofljilug somo Wonderful Uargalns in all depart-i- n tablo as any epicure In his dominions. The apex of tho pediment will be twenty feet from tho ground. aim shaped Into brotelles, yoko, bodice muslo halls flourlslu .k.m ..! tbat you Ib U known forl Dyanra aotho REST Yob will next tprlng. Vl Wltf Vt 9MJ wooded nnd awarded space In the rear ami London bridge aa many us tw.000 ge Hv-i Tirrsi.:" l"Ji K v i signal and point lovers movements U. HI.l WKf Vn kuu(t,M,l.( "y Sfjp of tbo reservoir at Fortieth and Forty-secon- d liavo to bo for made ovory twenty-fou- r streets and Sixth avenue us X1L,kiau.4r.klutai 4Uik.ilu; thotolegruphlo L. Ilurarms They havo sharp liquor searchers In Androscoggin county, Maine, and tho wits of rum smuggler aro sburponed by contact with them. Among experts thero la a decided differenco of opinion, and bo marked aro tho variations of statements that It it not difficult to hnaglno that a close relationship oxlsts between tbo oyster men and tbu peach growers. Sinco then bo has become Snow Kxrluder, tl.1V iihoe.. TRANSATLANTIC L best expresses llryant's fame, achieved Pjuusian thieves have been detected when he was yet but o stripling youth stealing boots from a boot shop by in this city, casting an eager eye up the dizzy heights of renown. means of a fi Hhing-ro- d Tho memorial will be At St, IMalo tboro is an omnibus con- autumn, tt Is felt in in plnco In tho tomc qunrters ductor who is a marquis, a count who earns his living by making mousotrapt that its appropriate place would bo and a bathing man who rejoices in a some quiet nook In Central park, but tho indications aro that it will bo doublo title-- Count Baoul do la erected lu tho park which bears tbo Marquis do Chombcry. tho engine broke, instantly killing tho A fiukxd of tho labor movement has fireman mid wrecking tho cab. at which you ran lurely makeonly a few hundred miles within six hours' rldd T rriulu of larte tum of money. of each other- Tho locomotive with hour.' work will olten young, man or woman, II Will He In the form or Half Crcarent It Wti.t Ucr you are old or which it la hoped to nohlovo tho feat la uo i Hrrrrjpe, - do at we tell ou, aud lue. Tho barrel contained ninety flvo gailous of liquor. TSilch tho outer barrel or hogshead was built Two hoops, nearly two Inches thick and nbout throe Inehos wide, onolrelod tbo barrel, and Into this run big screws from tho hoop and btavos of tho outer hogshead. RUSSELL, (Formerly of Elkton, Ky.) Entirely new and llit i Ihh" In all r.x.'flli'lil Baiiiplf Kooiiu uk I -- eivhii uiieiiiislrd in tho city. It Is only of late years that tho captains of oyster boats havo caught on to tho financial advantage which comes of a premonitory rumor that tho oyster crop Is "BEST WAV TO COOK OVSTCIIS IS WOT TO going to bo a failure, but now tliat COOK 'EM AT AIX." they see tho valuo of gossip they nro working it for nil It Is worth. many of and tbo price will bo even moro exthe local dealers havo to depend upon alted this season." emothose sallno skippers for thoir Another wholesalo dealer says that tion it is not dlfilcult to figuro out tho "this fuss about oysters being scarce origin of a misunderstanding which is unnecessary. To taken to tho bouso of commons and Gave himself, tho engineer jumped Into left in tho hands of tho attendants a tho tender, and there ho was with the black leather bag, engraved with an train going nt a terrific rate, and tho Inscription to John Ilurns In gold let- broken rods flying madly. I'ftrru feet In depth and Thirty makti In progress of construction by a Glas tu - irr"" een w UI wrrtjou M the very work 1"ft I., ll',l..l I. A similar arrangemunt was used for tho heads, and tho space thus made )utwen the inner and outer barrel was filled with molasses.

' Sonator Voorheos has tfhon uolico arm last Wednesday, Whllo walking with his best wishes and prayers ft r llio Son-at- o that ho will nltenipt to keep our success. i Driumllnit ait Tcrtl Mmen U (urnlitacd onsp- - Bill.

We will offer extraordinary values in SUMMER Oost not considered. Howe, (Formerly of Hopldnsville,) i DIAMOND PALACE.

iii I Mr cerning tho history or Mzq of this oddity, but understand thatttlaamtmorl-t- l of tho vlotory of Charles Martel (Hammor) over tho Baracons nn event which took placo in tho year 731 SHAVING i0 SHAMPOOING 25 HAIR CUTTING Hoibii K but i DENTIST, Ofliico ovor Kolly'H Jonolry P I r ii latetl raanioe i.

You have found an item located in the Kentuckiana Digital Library. KUGLEH, Manager HAS THE MOST ELEGANT LINE OF ; o, Howunc Success: FAS R BANKS Sterling Silver, Clocks, win jkwelri Bric-a-bra- c, i IAIR Bronzes, rt n. write him what If your Watch needs repairing send it to him and it will reoeivti And all goods to be found in the South. d 0INTMENT proa-poro- orders for lloaton stows, pan roasts, an' do llkos, I makes 'em rahr us possible.

Hopkinsville Kentuckian Hopkinsville Kentuckian Hopkinsville Kentuckian 300dpi TIFF G4 page images Chas. Meacham Hopkinsville, KY 1893 hop1893101001 These pages may be freely searched and displayed. s, Ym Wi rii RIGHT NOW IN As Our Fail and Just wlifit you want in (lunlity. Junt wind, you want in every other rospoct fs what no oltn to Price dust supply. If you want anything in the Jewelry line call and see his SUCCESS y HERIT5. I' -- -i TAKE THE RAPID Cleansing Power has noequal it is invaluable. Dat's do reason my boss has n replta-shu- n fer sarvln' oysters wldout no spepsy comln' followiu.

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Tun duchess do Mnillo Is always recognized in tbo Bols do Boulogne by Wo glvo jou this week eoino Pilecs on SIIOI. It dates from tho other Hotif P can match Stern ami Stubborn Facti that will level i last century and Is equipped with posfit tilions and outriders in livery.

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