C a wunderlich violin dating

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These instruments come from all over the globe with many being made in China, Romania, Korea and other places even though they may have German or Italian sounding names - just look on Ebay or Amazon and you will see a good number of these modern trade instruments.

Some of these, especially those sold at violin shops, can be very nice and when talking about beginner level instruments, they are what you would want.

Please choose the provenance of the violin you're looking for: Search by provenance, label, model, name or maker ! We offer Pay Pal, bank transfer and other payment methods and accept offers - Also here you have the opportunity to pay via Pay Pal inclucing all necessary buyer protection !

On every violin we linked a video / soundfile, as well as detailed XXL pics from all different angles possible.

Just like in the past, today there are hundreds or thousands of brands of instruments made with fake names and Florea.

Some of these workshops also produced un-varnished instruments that were sold to violin makers and shops to produce a specific look. The vast majority of Trade Instruments were simply labeled with a facsimile (copied) label of a famous maker like Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and many others.Care must be taken not to go too cheap when purchasing a beginner instrument, like some of the aforementioned on-line instruments, or the quality will simply be awful, not to mention the sound.You will notice below that the firm of Jerome Thibouville Lamy (J. L), from Mirecourt France, had many, many models, they are reported to have had 1000 workers and an annual output of over 150,000 instruments for a number of years.Just search in this directory and you will find at least several Paris escorts that will be good enough for what you desire.Violin Trade Names and Trade Instruments - some of these instruments are named after the sellers, but the vast majority are completely made up names, with no maker of instruments ever having had those names.

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