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Tired of being monitored by your company while wanting to dish with colleagues about said company?Or maybe you’re curious about what people with similar work experience are making at other companies.While the company doesn’t break out how many employees that totals, it says 40 percent of its users return daily and 80 percent return monthly.

Later, one possible direction for the company would be into recruiting.It is very hard to detect where data is coming from or where it is going, even if the location is discovered.Almost any type of data can be deposited at a blind drop.Interestingly, those Korean Air employees had to wait until 200 of their colleagues had signed up to join Blind before they were able to create their own chat room. But to date, that threshold has not proved too high.Explains Honda, “The rationale is if it’s 10 people using Blind, it’s hard [to ensure that those employees are] anonymous.” At the opposite end of the spectrum, “If it’s 500 employees, the hurdle of opening a chat room is more difficult.” The company may lower the number – slightly – as it seeks to attract U. Blind says employees of nearly 800 companies are now actively using the platform, including Microsoft and Amazon.

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Blind, a two-year-old app founded in South Korea and newly available in the U. Its big idea: bringing anonymity to the workplace so you can “share the real you” with other employees.

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