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Shuli said he got infuriated seeing where he's living. am Next on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about some nutty religious people. He said he was comparing the ,000 one to that one and they claim that the 9000 has a blue ultraviolet light that cleans the toilet.

Gary said Shuli was telling him that Erik used to do this in the past on his own and he'd ask people for some place to live with all of the email addresses he collected. He said Erik moved to this new place and the guy bounced a check right out of the gate. Howard said the guy had to have put a down payment or something. He said that he has to tell this guy that they have one that's like ,000.

Howard said he'd have a hard time selling that stuff.

Howard said this is one of those shows where the religious people speak in tongues. She said she did it you let it run and run until it's empty. She said then she made coffee and it still tasted like the chemical. Robin said she has a coffee maker that makes the individual pods and it said it was time to descale. She said she found out you're supposed to put this stuff in and clean it. Fred played some clips of Tan Mom saying some wacky stuff. Howard asked Robin if it was more or less than 0. Then they put Pastor Howard on the air and he's doing his Jewish song. Howard said Tan Mom is going to say goodbye to them tomorrow. Howard played the call and the hosts took a call from the guys who said they have some members who are stuck speaking in tongues.

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