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However, I do not know whether he knew that my mother was pregnant.

All I know is that he was an African/American stationed in Barry, South Wales in 1944/45 before possibly being shipped across to France.

by Julia Roberts A young father on trial for murder has told a jury he never thrust a knife into the chest of his love rival.

Ricky Mount, 21, said he did not believe he was responsible for the stab wound which killed 19-year-old Adam Beaney in Faversham last year.

He told the court others also called him to say rumours were going around that he had killed Mr Beaney.

"I was shocked that they were all blaming it on me," he told the court.

The court heard there had been trouble between Mount and Beaney three months earlier when the pair came to blows in Faversham town centre.

Mount told the jury he also believed that Miss Stankovich, who is known as Lil, used their daughter, Ellie, now aged two, as a "weapon" against him.

NEW, information from his personal military records My Dad, Philip Wegner was at Toul-Rosiere France airbase from to 15 April 1953 (at first with the 117th Maint.At first, Mount reacted by laughing but then pulled the knife out."It was after that that I pulled the knife from my right-hand waistband in a sweeping, outwards motion and shouted: 'Come on then' twice."Mount demonstrated from the witness box how he held his arms out.He also denied making any contact with Mr Beaney's body while brandishing a knife.He told the jury at Maidstone Crown Court he had armed himself with the knife only to use it as a "prop" and denied having any intention to hurt anyone with it.

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