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Two and three year follow data indicates that the pseudoaccommodation of the Crystalens does not significantly diminish with time.In the FDA clinical trials it was found that a vast majority, but not all, patients implanted with a Crystalens accommodating IOL achieved a measurable improvement in accommodation.Crystalens is commonly used in cataract patients, but may also be appropriate for patients considering RLE.Crystalens may be an appropriate alternative to monovision for some patients.This is sometimes called pseudoaccommodation, but is actually real accommodation with an artificial lens.The vaulting movement changes the focal point and may allow a patient to accommodate.A conventional IOL is commonly focused for distance vision only.It does not change from distance to near vision, and reading glasses or monovision are required for the patient to be able to see items at all distances.

The hinges are made from a peculiar type of silicone named Bio Sil.In 2008, the Crystalens was acquired by Bausch & Lomb, after which they started developing new generations of the Crystalens, such as the Crystalens HD, in June 2008. The design of the Crystalens was inspired by the anatomical and physiological structure of the human eye.In 2010, Bausch & Lomb introduced a newer generation called the Crystalens Aspheric Optic (AO), which improves contrast sensitivity and reduces higher order aberrations, thanks to its elongated shape. Unlike the ordinary IOLs, the Crystalens consists of the main body of the IOL (the optic) and two modified haptics having the shape of a flange or a wing.Unfortunately, this amazing property is lost gradually as we grow older. This condition resembles the normal physiological aging of the crystalline lens. At this age people start to lose some of their up-close vision and start wearing reading glasses to compensate for that.What are the presbyopia-correcting IOLs or the accommodating IOLs?

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