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I can get this to work if i set the row as a data key, but when i set a row as a datakey i am unable to update it from my update command. Text; does anyone have any idea why the above code doesn't work or why i can't update a datakey column? i converted the column to a template field so i could replace the label with a multiline text box, not sure if that ha... How to get row selected in Gridview and then to get the data from the cells in that Grid? If someone selects a row in the grid(Clicking or double clicking) then I want to get the values in each column/cell in that row. I seem to be stumped trying to get the text value of one of my columns in my gridview. Here is what I'm trying to do, but the syntax is wrong: Protected Sub gv Custom Fields_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. The problem is when i try to get the index : Dim index As Integer = Convert. Command Argument)It tells me that the input string is not in a correct format. heres the code: Protected Sub enregistrements Grid_Row Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Command Event Args) Handles enregistrements Grid. Command Name Case "Voir Details" Dim index As Integer... I cannot get the selected row cell value in my gridview. my biggest problem is that I do not know how to reach to selected row productid value thanks in advance Did you set the Data Key Names in your Grid View? Row Command Event Hi, I'm trying to retreive the row that contains the button clicked to get a cell value in that particular row... I could n't use ds.tables(0)coumns(4).value or e... I am using VWD and VB if any of you can send me some sample script will be greatly appriciated. To String Message="Conversion from string "Location Name" to type ' Integer' is not valid."I would prefer to get the cells by name rather then by location e.g. since the location might ideas why I get this odd error? New Values -- it will have all the values, as does e. There are two in that event so data source controls can differnitate bewteen the two.

whatever I strange, the same thing worked perfectly on a different site: the sql part works... hi this way Protected Sub Row Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Command Event Args) Handles Grid View1. There are 16 template field columns in my gridview, 3 of which have multiple textboxes, and 13 of which contain a single textbox. Item(28) The Streets are all in the same cell, the Phone and Fax are in the same cell, and the Industries are all in the same cell. Brian This course will help prep you to earn the Comp TIA Healthcare IT Technician certification showing that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in installing, managing, and troubleshooting IT systems in medical and clinical settings. Hi there, Is there any way to get the cells value in rowcommand. after updating I want to read those values and put it in textbox. So Can any one please tell me how to read the cells value in Rowcommand? Count - 1 ' To get values from a Column 1Dim str As String = Grid View1. Selected Row.cells[0].tostring or temp string= ctype(Grid View1. Getting Values for Each Row in a Grid View I want to be able to get the values for each row and assign them to a variable so I can output them to a bar chart. Row Updating Dim select Row As Grid View Row = Grid View Wn. I want to take the Column[9] value in the Grid from Selected Third Row in Client Side. Is it possible to get cells value in row command in gridview? I need to get the value of cell 2 without selecting that row. inside the events you can get te id either by writig id=Grid View1. Find Control(controlname),label)).textnote : assume that the ID is handled by label control in your luck&quo...

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Edit, True) obj Sql Param = New Sql Parameter("@New Expired ID", Sql Db Type.

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