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With good synthesis and technology partnerships, these advances could revolutionise the efficiency of updating in the coming years.

Indeed, there is probably added value to updating a review, because this will include taking into account comments and criticisms, and adoption of new methods in an iterative process.2 3 4 5 6Cochrane has over 20 years of experience with preparing and updating systematic reviews, with the publication of over 6000 systematic reviews.

A series of small group discussions followed each question, deliberating content, and forming recommendations, as well as recognising uncertainties.

Large group, round table discussions deliberated further these small group developments.

These inclusion criteria can be modified in the light of developments within the topic area with new interventions, new standards, and new approaches.

Updates will include a new search for potentially relevant studies and incorporate any eligible studies or data; and adjust the findings and conclusions as appropriate. Any group maintaining a portfolio of systematic reviews as part of their normative work, such as guidelines panels or Cochrane review groups, will need to prioritise which reviews to update.

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