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Deductible requirement is subject to a monthly cap of .

Upon reaching in deductibles or six one-way (or three round trip) trips, whichever comes first, in a calendar month travel payments for the balance of that month will be free of deductible charges.

Anyone who wishes to help those who cannot afford medical care should do so voluntarily through private charity, not by trying to use the force of government to extort money from others.

The funding of SCHIP should be neither renewed nor expanded. Richard Watts, I certainly do not have anything against helping those who need help with the health care needs of their children, but this whole program looks more like a toehold for socialized medicine.

I don’t believe many people understand what a physically demanding and exciting sport motocross really is.

As a 45-year-old former racer, I remain captivated by these truly superhuman athletes who some say experience the most physically and mentally exhausting form of professional competition in the entire world.

The mapping tool VA uses for beneficiary travel will now calculate the driving distance using the fastest route and shortest route according to Bing maps.

This is a change to the Beneficiary Travel program that will make the distance determinations consistent with distance calculations under the Veterans Choice Program.

Just ask anyone who’s bought a DVD player recently.

The reimbursement will be paid for travel to the closest VA facility unless a different location was determined by VA.

The deductible is .00 one-way (.00 round trip).

Leslie Glustrom, The real culprit behind rising medical costs is government interference in medicine.

In the sectors of medicine where there is the least government regulation, such as cosmetic surgery and LASIK, we see a continual decrease in prices and improvement in quality.

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Playing war games in southeastern Colorado is only likely to perpetuate the status quo and continue to make us less, not more, secure.

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